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One year ago...

Posted Jan 15 2010 12:00am

I can hardly believe it. After Nevaeh was born, I was so unsure of many things. Will she live? Will she see her first birthday? Second, third? Will she be able to do "normal" things? Will she eat?! She's met all of those milestones & so many more in the past year. But this milestone was one of those that I never thought she'd meet. That makes it so much more sweet!

One year ago today, Vaeh was in this room...

That was one of those days you really don't want to live, but when it was over I was sooooo happy!! Here's Miss V just before she went into the cath lab... feeling a little bit loopy!

The result of all those hours of hard work in that room... no more oxygen & no more orange tinted plastic sitting under her nose (ie: cannula)!!

She looked so strange for a few days following the cath without our friend, Mr. Cannula! She had had it for so long that it was like a part of her was missing. Believe me, though, we got used to the new Vaeh REALLY easy!

Not only did she loose her oxygen tubing, but we lost another "thorn in our side" with this...

Yep. She also lost her Mic-key button in that trip to the hospital! This was one of her very first completely "tubeless" photos! That was another dream that I never thought would come true... Vaeh being tubeless. The docs, & therapist even, made us feel as though she would never eat by mouth because of all the complications she'd had as a baby. Well, true to form, Miss Vaeh showed them to expect the unexpected when it comes to her!

Its still hard to believe, sitting here typing this post, that we've made it an ENTIRE YEAR without any type of surgical intervention! Now, our next milestones are to get rid of all her meds & possibly go longer than 3 months without seeing the cardiologist. Maybe?!

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