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on the cardio appointment last week... the initial report

Posted Dec 19 2011 11:42am
last week, Asher had a cardiology appointment. i wasn't able to go (first time i've ever missed an appointment. :S but yes, i sent ed with notes and questions). so this post will be brief, but here goes
asher has been turning blue and desatting (oxygen levels dropping) to the 80s when he's active. this isn't right. so, when ed asked the doc about that, and about doing the DSE that our paediatrician discussed with our surgeon, cardio said, "if we find that asher's sats are consistently in the 80s when he's active, we will do a DSE to investigate."

sounds great! a good, solid plan. excellent... right?


they aren't planning on investigating to find out what his sats are when he's active.

so, asher's oxygen levels drop when he's active, and he's symptomatic when it happens. but there's no plan to investigate.


i'll keep you posted.
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