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Oh what fun we've had!

Posted Aug 23 2010 9:39am
Sense the sarcasm much?

Note to self, ensure the prescription for sedation is done prior to the actual day it is needed.

Why I hear you ask?

Well, ward doctors don't actually like taking ownership of such details and using their ever expanding knowledge, or listening to staff that know the patient well and parents, namely me today.

Today the doctors decided that Sophie's dose of midazolam would be determined by her weight. Um okay.

This meant her dose was less than she has ever had, so consequently, it didn't work particularly well. Unbeknown to us, we didn't find this out until after the first port flush attempt when I just happened to mention that Sophie wasn't particularly sedated compared to normal.

So it was bounced back at the doctors and after MUCH deliberation they decided that it would be pointless to give the extra amount (which I totally agreed with) and they would try a different type that would be sure to work well. Colo something or other-never heard of it before.

Whilst we were waiting for the docs to decide their next battle plan, we were able to change Sophie's mic-key button relatively quickly. I showed the nurses how damaged the button was after just 3 months. They agreed it needed doing this regularly, which made me feel better and not like some psycho-obsessed parent who never agrees with anything!

Anyways back to the colo-whatsits-name, this didn't work particularly well either but the second attempt at the port flush was successful and the good news is, Bertie still bleeds back! Yay.
During the procedure there was a minor casualty though.


Sophie managed to do the biggest wee in history all over my lap, which the nurses and my mum in law found hilarious!

They did take pity on me as it looked like I had genuinely piddled myself and gave me a fetching pair of green scrub trousers. They really went well with my black heels!!

Anyways, moving on, Sophs xray was cancelled due to her being a little violent, the second lot of sedation sent her quite violent and aggressive, and the team have promised not to give it her again. Only one foot managed to hit my face though and no scratches or lacerations to anyone.

We had to hang around on the ward for a few hours as we couldn't see her CF consultant until 14.30 so we had to find ways of keeping Sophie amused in her raged state.

Thank goodness for ride in toy cars.

Yep we allowed Sophie to drive around the play room whilst under the influence. To be fair, her reaction skills were most impressive considering she had had enough sedation to knock a horse out!

The sedation seemed to peak and then wear off and then peak again, most bizarre, however she did calm down a little and we were able to make our way up to the outpatients department to see her consultant.

I will write about the bowel side tomorrow as I am extremely worn out but glad the day is nearly over.

Sophie is sleeping off the drugs and honestly I could join her!

Take care all

NB Just to add, Sophie has since woke up and has absolutely no recollection of todays events. She thinks that she has been shopping and had a lovely time! I wish I could say the same ;)

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