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Off to College and Communal Showers

Posted Aug 16 2010 12:00am
It is that time of year again, back to school! If you have a first time college student there are plenty of things to be concerned about, books, tuition, and new sheets but be sure not to overlook your student's feet!  Many colleges have communal style showers which can be a breeding ground for infection.  High school athletes are also commonly exposed to public showers.  Athlete's foot is one infection that is commonly spread through public areas like pools and showers.

Athlete’s foot is a rash on the skin of the foot. It is caused by a fungus that is found and thrives on warm, damp surfaces such as around pools, public showers and locker rooms. The fungus can cause infection when it comes in contact with conditions that allow it thrive; for example, on bare damp feet. Because of this, teenage boys are especially prone to the infection.

Symptoms include itching; burning; cracked, blistered or peeling areas between the toes; redness and scaling on the soles of the feet; rash that spreads to the instep, and raw skin. Occasionally the open skin can become infected with bacteria that will cause pain and spreading redness. The fungus that causes athlete’s foot can spread to other parts of the foot, including toenails. It can also infect other parts of the body—such as the groin, inner thighs and underarms.

Tineastat  is a product that clears most fungal infections in three to seven days. Broad spectrum formula treats a wide range of associated fungi with Clortrimazole, tea tree and sunflower oils, phenol, oregano, tannic acid, lavender and garlic extracts. Contains rich emollients that helps the skin retain the active ingredients long after application. This prevents immediate re-infection. Active ingredient: Clortrimazole 1%. To order tinestat visit our product store .

Ways to avoid athlete’s foot:

-Wash your feet every day and dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes
-Wear footwear that allows your feet to “breathe”
-Wear shower sandals or shoes in pool areas, public showers and gyms
-Use antifungal powder in your sneakers or shoes
-Keep home bathroom surfaces clean — especially showers and tubs
If you suspect your child may have athlete's foot, visit and schedule an appointment today.
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