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Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm
I. am. so. done. Really. I'm done. I am so tired. Tired of getting up in the middle of the night. Tired of having to sustain the life of another person. Tired of having someone on me. Really. I have enough touch between someone wanting to sit in my lap, wanting to be carried or held, wanting to climb all over me. It's just enough. Enough.

On the flip side ~ I know that Stella needs to still nurse. Given that she's prone to constipation, dropping off liquids in a "hold out" fashion just to push her to wean is not a good idea. And she is still learning how to use a cup (open or straw), so it's not like she even has the ability, right now, to get the amount of liquid she needs without nursing. And at least, while I'm nursing, I know that she's getting the calories she needs. And I also really love the bonding time that it gives us. It's just as much emotional, for both of us, as it is nutritional.

So, here's the plan: I am supposed to increase her solid intake by giving her more jarred/table food (still spoon fed at this point as she's not mastered self-feeding yet). Right now she eats 2 jars of food and a YoBaby a day. I am going to up it to 5 jars (or the equivalent ) + the YoBaby (which helps to keep her regular). And before bed we're going to try a bowl of instant oatmeal. I know this kid can sleep thru the night. She did it for 3 mos (from 3 to 6 mos). It's habit now. We've got to break that habit. Getting up twice a night is killing me. See above. And we're to give her the HoneyBear bottle 3 times a day. Every time she signs milk. And also work on the nosey cup. Lord help this house as I am not sure I'm going to have time to do anything other than fed Stella, give her cow's milk, help her master the cup and help her master self-feeding.
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