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Nursing nightmare

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:57pm
Forget Ramsay's kitchen, this case of nursing negligence begs belief.

We have a new weekend night nurse, finally, after a 3 month search by our agency. The second weekend in, I spent an hour going through a new illustrated How to clean the suction machine chart I've put together, the daily night tasks, but more critically, the fact that Reuben threw up 4 times on Sunday and that we're closely monitoring his bradys (low heart rate) and tachys (high heart rate) readings.

For anyone who lives in the land of responsibility, surely these 2 critical medical issues would make anyone, let alone a qualified nurse, want to be extra vigilant during the night shift? I'd been recently discussing the issue of night nurse with Amy R and after 10 months of no cover at the weekends, namely all through this difficult pregnancy, it's been beyond exhausting for us both. We also wanted to get things in place for when I'm in c-section recovery. Auntie Lisa will be here, but Reuben will need the skilled care necessary when Jason's helping me out.

So I go to bed, 50ft away on the opposite side of the house. An hour later (I'm not sure if I'd slept), I hear an alarm sound. When we're dozing alongside Reuben, any change in his breathing wakes us up. We rarely need the help of an alarm. The alarm continues and I get Jason up to investigate. Eventually the alarm stops, Jason's voice is raised. He returns to say "Angel's gone home". What he discovered was not a nurse dozing in a chair, but a nurse only 2hrs into her shift, fast asleep in our weekend bed beside Reuben (now I know why it was smelling of smoke), his alarms sounding, her oblivious to them, his feeding bag empty. Jason has to clap his hands pretty loudly to wake her up, standing there all the while in disbelief and raging anger. She replies that getting into the bed, falling asleep, ignoring the alarms was "an accident".

I fail to understand this gross negligence, but suffice to say, I am reporting her to the Board of Nurses to have her suspended and to seek a revokal of her licence and thus to ensure she never has the privilege to work with children again, let alone, get her RN for which she is studying with the ambition of opening up a nursing home! How can these nurses have the audacity to put in jeopardy our children's lives?

Her name is Angel Renee McNeal VN Licence # 226635 registered with the BVNPT Board of Vocational Nurses.
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