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No News...

Posted May 24 2009 12:00am
is decent news. Gavin has just about made it out of this round of neutropenia without an admission into the hospital. In true Gavin fashion, he's made sure that there is something to request prayers about.

On Friday he developed a scratch on his index finger. We're not sure how he did it, but he says that he thinks he hurt it on one of his toy garbage trucks. The itty bitty scratch is red, swollen, and has a little bubble that appears to be full of pus now. The on-call doctor thinks it's either infected or the few white blood cells that he has are all going straight there so it looks worse than it is. We contemplated going to the ER for antibiotics, which is our only weekend option. The risk of going to the ER when his counts are low seemed greater than the risk of waiting another day on his finger. The doctor felt comfortable waiting until at least Monday.

It's amazing to me how the smallest issue becomes magnified during cancer treatment. You should see the size of this little cut. When his immune system goes south, he can't even fight off a little cut. Crazy! So, please keep Gavin's index finger in your prayers. I'd really rather not have to do more antibiotics for this one. By the time it's said and done he'll probably be immune to many of the antibiotics out there.

And now for Garrett...He returns to his neurologist this coming Friday. He needed to have a follow-up consultation with him anyway, but we've noticed some balance issues and a few other inconsistencies. Of course, we're praying that this won't just start a series of other, more invasive tests.

Thanks for stopping by. I've been pretty lazy with my blog updates lately. I'll try to pick up the slack soon enough. Just happy I don't have too much drama to report.

Much love,
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