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No News Is Good News

Posted Dec 04 2012 5:01pm
Things have been busy but relatively quiet over at the Fitch-Jenett household. We like this.  No medical drama, no children in our social circles dying, routine sniffles coming and going.  It's a pretty sweet life these days.

Simon is changing every day-even the staff at his preschool comments on it!  As is pretty typical, there seems to be a direct correlation between him doing new things and how mad/frustrated/maddening he is.  Laura and I are practicing daily "step away from the child" and doing LOTS of time outs.  It's all so very...typical in the best and the worst ways. And we're kinda ready for the hitting/throwing things phase to be over.  Like, actually, really ready.

I'm not sure I can safely say we're making progress in potty training but we've had a few spotty successes with going diaper free for a few hours.  We suspect that he will do potty training like he's doing everything else so far- on his timeline and in his own way.  We both keep imagining that one day he will just decide he wants to be done with diapers and that will be it.  Hopefully that will be before he's 8.

He got his school photos from Temple Sinai and...well...they're gorgeous.

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