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Nice to Meet You

Posted Mar 16 2013 11:11pm
Welcome to all our new visitors! Being a part of's Readers' Choice Awards has been great fun and has given us the opportunity to share our story with more people.

Blindness and feeding tubes sound scary to your average person. No worries! Tom will lead you through them both and show you how it's done. After reading this blog, I think you will find that Thomas is a happy child who is living the life he was given with joy and grace. Or as much grace as a three-year-old boy can have!

People with disabilities face discrimination and are often de-valued by society. People see a handicap or a condition, but not the whole person. Tom is so much more than his blindness or his feeding tube; he is a unique individual with his own wants and values. Tom values pretzels, splashing in water with abandon, toys that make a ton of noise, and MUSIC of many styles. He is an original.

That's why I'm sharing the photos and stories of Tom's everyday life with the world. Because breaking down stereotypes about people with disabilities is work worth doing.

I hope you will decide to join us as a regular reader and please visit  our Facebook page  as well. Tom has lots more to share with you!

This Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog contest is very tight but we have had amazing support. I can't thank you enough!!! Check out this great article  the ForestHills-RegentSquare Patch did on us recently.

And don't forget to VOTE You can vote once a day.  Contest ends March 19th.
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