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New Trends in eyewear Frames and how to distinguish good/bad frames?

Posted Mar 21 2013 8:39am
New 2013 trend in eyewear frames make it easier than ever for us to select a proper frame that may interpret perfectly personal style. Current

new trend can be summed up as modern & classic styles. So when shopping for favored eyeglasses, we can meet variety of shapes. Of course, our

customers also need to know how to distinguish the good/ bad quality of frames.
Here is the latest 2013 eyewear Trend:

Leading Frame designers are finding new ways to infuse classic and fashion elements into eyeglasses with pinstripes, herringbone, colorful

abstract patterns and even wood grain treatments. The traditional tortoise print is modernized with bolder patterns and striking contrasts. We

’ll also find “peek a boo” patterns that are visible from the inside of the frame. Sex leopard prints are widely boldly used for fashion

Retro style
The decade of choice for retro styles is the 1980s. From boldly colored plastic frames to lavish gold with crystal-studded logos, the Decade

of Decadence is popular right now. Now, with the overwhelming trend of vintage, vintage sunglasses are quite popular and become must have

stylish items for most fashionistas, which is perfect to show wear’s retro style. We can also find the figure of aviator glasses, Ray-Ban

Wayfarer and classic round vintage sunglasses, deeply recognized by the celebrity.

These eyewear frames are designed for more than vision correction. They also allow the wearer to express their individual characters like any

other accessories do. But how to distinguish the high quality frames? Maybe these little texts can help us. We can text the lens transparency

and optical uniformity of nature: handheld lens from the front of 30 centimeters or so from the lens observe far object, if the scene clear,

no deformation, and the slow movement is also no jump, then the description of lens transparency and optical uniformity of nature are better.

And we can text the displacement of the optical center as well. Good quality glasses are necessary for protecting our eyes!
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