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Natural Homemade Baby Formula Is The Recipe For Healthy Babies

Posted May 16 2009 3:52am

As the saying goes when it comes to healthy baby nutrition "Breast Is Best".

This is because human milk is richer in whey, lactose, vitamin C, niacin, and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as lower in the protein casein, than the standard formula products. Studies have shown that breast-fed babies not only have better cognitive development earlier on in their lives but they also have lower cholesterol levels as they mature into adults.

Whilst this is very positive news for mothers who breast feed is there a truly healthy and safe alternative available to those mums for which breastfeeding is not an option?

Baby formula is perceived to be the "safe" alternative for mothers who find difficulty with breastfeeding. Such is the demand for variety that on every supermarket shelf you can find an abundance of organic and gluten free baby food. Over the years, manufacturers such as SMA, HIPP, Nestle and Johnson Mead have worked very hard to improve the quality and reputation of their brands with the help of large advertising budgets.

However, there are two factors that bother me about baby formula.

Firstly, the brands sold in supermarkets are full if synthetic vitamins, minerals, stabilisers and sugar substitutes. Babies generally find it hard to absorb these unnatural ingredients effectively not to mention the potential for digestive problems as well.

Secondly, and this is far worse, there have been reports that toxic levels of dangerous industrial chemicals have been found in powdered baby formula. These include melamine, which is a synthetic chemical product that forms hard resins when combined with formaldehyde, and Perchlorate, a hazardous chemical used in rocket fuel.

When NaturalNews Editor Mike Adams broke the news that 90% of all baby formula in the US is contaminated with melamine the manufacturers quickly ensured that the FDA declare this industrial chemical safe for babies to ingest.

However, when asked about the infant deaths in China last year, Roberta Weiss, an American nephrologist (kidney doctor), has been quoted to suggest that "probably acute renal failure resulting from cyanuric acid crystal formation in the kidneys of babies that ingested the melamine contaminated formula was responsible for the infant deaths."

It's not surprising that the FDA acted so swiftly to protect a large and profitable industry and it's plain to see where the priorities of big business lie.

During a period when the likes of Nestle, SMA and Johnson Mead have been hit with lots of bad press an opportunity has arisen for concerned mothers to seek out a viable and healthy alternative to breast feeding and standard baby formula.

The Weston A. Price Foundation has long been a beacon in the world of natural health and it recommends that mothers make their own natural baby formula. Whilst homemade baby formula is not as quick nor as convenient as picking up a couple of tubs off the supermarket shelf knowing exactly which healthy ingredients are being fed to the baby will go a long way to easing the mind of the nervous mother.

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