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my son is just getting over the flu (5th day) and last night had a temp. of 94.2F (armpit). no shivering or other signs.. how s

Posted by meggyr

I know the thermometer is not faulty as i tried it on myself, then on him again, and again after laying down with him to warm him up (temp. went to 94.8).  His breathing seemed normal, and he was wakeable, so i just stayed with him and this morning his temperature is normal..  (98.2F)  He is still coughing a bit, and is complaining that his stomach is sore.  I have a call in to my pediatrician, but no answer so far.  Is this a very serious symptom?  Could it be related to the flu or some secondary infection?  Thank you for your attention, Sincerely, Meggy R
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