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My son has painful ant bite-like bumps in his diaper area that keep appearing and seem to be spreading.

Posted by kaslynnm

My son is two and he developed a red fine-bumpy rash on his inner thighs.  It looked like chafing.  I treated it with neosporin and diaper creams and powder.  Nothing helped.  Then I noticed ant bite-looking bumps around his groin and a few on his legs.  In fact, I thought that was what the bumps were was ant bites.  However, each time I'd change his diaper I'd see a new one.  They pop on their own, but they really hurt him.

 I took him to the Dr and she didn't really look at him good.  She said it was yeast infection and gave us some cream.  The cream has helped the redness, but the bumps keep appearing and now he has near on his mouth, one on his belly, more down his legs and around his groin.

 He ran a 101 fever the day before I took him to the doc, but he hasn't had the fever since.  The fever could be related to his 2 yr molars.

Please help me stop the ugly painful bumps!

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