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My son has a history of bloody stool, after many years found more when wiping, should I be really concerned?

Posted by garner4ofus

as an infant, 9 days old, put in the hospital for a week, put on neocate formula, doctors thinking it was milk products from my breast milk. We were refered to a GI doctor at Duke and even on the neocate he was testing positive for blood in the stool. His stools were soft, yet he was placed on stool softner. After a few weeks, the blood disappeared. he was tested for a milk allergy, I was told go ahead and feed him milk products. He is now five and a few months ago I noticed some redness with wiping. This evening, I was assisting him in the bathroom and we noticed a lot of blood. His stool was soft, no straining involved and no other complaints. I went ahead and checked the area to see if I could visibly see any tears, not a thing...I feel like we never had resolution to the first instance, they just tried a bunch of things, should I  be worried? maybe something different?
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