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my son has a fever and a rash ( onset 3 weeks ago)

Posted by amatol

My son started with what we thought were hives about 3 weeks ago. He then developed fever and the rash seemd to come and go getting worse in different areas from day to day. Last week he had severe reddness in both legs ( was also itching alot). MD sent for bloodwork to test for fifths. That came back negative. This past week he has been running mild fever which spikes in middle of night. MD wants us to treat with meds for another  2 days regardless of temp and call on Monday. If it s viral are we masking symptoms by treating regularly with meds and are further tests necessary if it is a virus? I should add that when his fever is over 102 he reports pains in his arms, legs and neck. There has also been a strep virus in my house my husband got strep last week) but came after my sons initial symptoms. My daughter ( almost2) had high fever last week also 103 x two mornings and once that disaapeared she developed a rash also which seems different from sons. Hers was not bumpy at all and did not change locations. To feel her skin it is smooth but looks horrible and encompasses her whole body.
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