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my son has a blue swollen tongue that bleeds as well

Posted by Ann

This is the 3rd year that this has the last two years its happened in March and this year it started in September. He wakes up from bed and his tongue in blue in spots and swollen all over. It bleeds when it gets seems to get worse everyday. I've taken him to many doctors and they really dont know what it is. I've been taking pictures of his tongue every morning to see if its worse than the day before. It usually gets a little better after he has been up for a few hours, but doesn't go away. He has pain and has a hard time eating when he first gets up. He is 12 years old and we both want to know what this is. It usually last for about 3 months and then it seems to go away. I've looked at many sites on swollen blue tongues and nothing describes his tongue at all.

Just wondering if anyone can help

Thanks Ann

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