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My son had a lump on the right side of his neck, could this be a tumor or canerous?

Posted by u982304

Hello my son is 6yrs old and i noticed last yr he had a little lump on the right side of his neck.  I took him the Dr. and she said it was because he was sick and his lymph nodes had swollen.  I believed it and left it alone, until I noticed again 2days ago.  I called and took him in again to the peditrician.  This time she asked me first if he recently had gotten a hair cut and shaved there.  I asked why she said it was very common among little boys that when they get their hair cut that their sensory nerves or nerves get all worked up and causes this swelling.  I am not so convinced with that answer.  I asked her if I should be concerned if it might be a tumor or cancerous.  I really want to know what i should do?  I don't feel that its the reason she gave me. Can you please help me?
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ask for a test on the lump (A biopsy) from an ear nose throat specialist. My husband has recently been diagnosed with Castleman's disease and has 3 lumps in his neck. It's a benign lymphoma that has to be treated  like cancer with Cancer drugs and chemo because if left untreated could turn into cancer. I wouldn't wait to have it checked out. I'd be very concerned as a parent
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