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my one year old just went to the er her blood count was high she has throat ulcers and her fever is 103.9 they did not keep her

Posted by babygurl38663

my one year old had to go to the er because her fever was 103.9 no matter how much tylenall i gave her it would not go down when i got her there they said i just had not givin her enough and they gave her more we sat there for al most four hours and her fever was still 103.9 they gave her motrin at this time but before this they looked at her throat and she had ulcers in it plus took her blood and her blood count was high with her fever still up and all this going on it was negative for strip throat and they said nothing about tonsil litis they basically told me nothing and they sent her home and i still do not know what is wrong with her they gave her a anibotic shot and said for me to give her tylinall every two hours in stead of four tile the fever broke but i still dont know what is wrong with her i was trying to see if yall could tell me so i can have some kind of idea of what i should do about it thank you
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