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my nephew has chronic cough in the absense of illness. coughs 1-2 times an hr , productive,bulging eyes ,cannot catch breath.

Posted by Deb T

 my nephew was  7 punds at birth,  seemed healthy. low weight gain. weighed 10 pounds at 4 mo checkup. Peds md said feed him more. he is gaining weight and trying to sit up at 6 months but has now aquried a cough,1-2 times an hour, productive with bulging eyeballs and finally catches his breath after everyone is terrified he is not going to. peds md says virus ,wait 3 weeks. now ,the dame after 3 weeks. now peds md says doesn't know won't test for cystic fibrosis. would this be warrented with only mild failure to thrive and chronic cough with mucus production?
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