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My National Treasures

Posted May 03 2013 12:07pm

Oliver declared today "Casual Friday" and chose to wear the above fancy shirt and musical tie. I love the random photo that I took, the light and dark line on his face because that's the way he is. Light and dark and utterly random.

Humor me while I wax praise on my children.

Here is Henry, glorious in a pink shirt

So damn cute, right?

And here is the usual state of affairs in our car in the morning. The soundtrack is from Henry's iPhone which this morning included Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline, about whom Henry asked Do you know this song, Mom? I refrained (as always) from rolling my eyeballs back into my head and answered that I did indeed know it, and that I had actually gone to see Neil Diamond in concert back in 1943. Henry then informed me that the song is popular at baseball games, particularly in Boston, and I nodded my head and pretended to be interested. But I digress. Here is the usual state of affairs (minus "Casual Friday" fancy shirts). It starts like this

Within moments, it becomes this

And then this (hands, touchin' hands)

And perhaps this (reachin' out, touchin' me, touching you)

And finally this (Neil Diamond is completely shut out by the shouting)

Thank the good lord above they're so good-looking.
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