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My Love For The Winter Hat

Posted Dec 11 2011 9:47pm
There are so many things that I love about this time of the year.  Obviously, Christmas makes number one on my list.  But this weekend I was reminded of a simple thing about this time of the year that I love so much.

Hats.  Winter hats to be more specific.   

Sounds odd, I know.  But remember that Gavin has very little hair.  And Gavin is very self-conscious about his lack of hair these days.  Just tonight at bedtime, he talked again in detail about how sad he is that he doesn't have hair like everyone else in his Sunday School class.  The hair prayer continues...and my love for winter hats flourishes in the meantime. 

We took the boys to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags yesterday.  It was a little chilly, so the boys both wore winter hats the entire time we were there.  I loved the fact that under the cozy, warm hat was a Gavin that got a break from the usual stares.  While he has never said anything to me about people staring at him, I think his worries about his hair stem from the fact that he gets stared at A LOT wherever we go.  Sometimes people ask about why he doesn't have "any" hair or why he has a bump (the shunt) or why he has so many scars.  Sometimes they just look his head over long and hard, as if he's from out of this world.  When he has a winter hat on (rather than his usual ball cap), all of that is covered up.  Even the hearing aids.  He blends.  And the stares dissipate.

While I think Gavin is absolutely handsome just the way that he is, I love that winter hats give him some reprieve from the public eye.  And I know he must enjoy the break from their attention as well.  Thank you for continuing to join Gavin in The Hair Prayer.  I believe God can give Gavin this miracle and pray that He would. 

In other excitement, Gavin recently lost his second tooth.  It was his first top tooth and another one is loose up there as well.  He might be singing "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" if it falls out pretty quick.

Also, we went to the endocrinologist for Gavin's first checkup since we started the growth hormone shots.  Good news!  He's grown some already.  We were prepared that it takes some children a full year to grow at all after starting the shots.  But, Gavin's grown almost a full inch since September!  I had noticed that a few of his shirts seemed shorter, but hadn't really measured him.  I hated to get his hopes up by measuring him at home all of the time.  He's very excited that his "growing medicine" is working.  And his ears are finally getting bigger, which means he will need new hearing aid molds because the current ones aren't staying in so well these days.  When he got his hearing aids well over a year and a half ago, the audiologist said most kids get new ones every 6 months or so because they grow so much.  Gavin's still on his first set.

It's the little things that make my heart smile.  A reprieve under the cover of a winter hat.  A toothless grin.  Growth of almost an inch.  And new hearing aid molds.  But most of all, Christmas as a family of four once again this year.

We have much to be thankful about here.  Thanks for checking in on us. 

Much love,
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