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My daughter has a rash on her lips/face.

Posted by n8nally

My daughter is 7 years old and has developed a weird rash on her lips and face. It started three days ago with red and itchy tiny bumps on the corners of her mouth. The next day her lips and the surrounding area devloped these teeny, little red bumps. I applied an antibiotic cream, but this has not helped. Today the little bumps have spread to her chin. They are not as red there, but they are there. I am including a picture. She says they do not hurt but they itch some of the time. She also says they sometimes sting if she gets food, etc. on them. Might it be yeast? lip rash
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I wish I could help, but I have the same thing and have no idea what it is.. Maybe a food allergy of some kind? Can you let me know if you find out??

 And good luck! :)

Hi there.  My 3 year old son sometimes get this as well. Is it cold where you are?  He only seems to get it in the winter here. I just use a really good moisturiser, QV cream.  It seems to go after a few days of treatment. My theory is is that it is just overly dry skin, especially if she is licking her lips a lot.  Looks a lot like my sons although I could be mistaken. Hope this helps.
my three year old also has this,has had it for going on three months off and on again doctor says it is a nervous habit of licking his worries me ,but doctor says its nothing to worry about.

i have the same problem too :( it hurts a lil when food touches the red part area :( doctor advised me not to eat eggs , lemons, sea food and such. i did follow his advice but it still comes back even if i didnt eat those food. please do email me at if you have a solution :(

thanks a lot!

oh by the way i am from malaysia. no winter here. summer all the time. so, i dont think my problem is due to overdried skin? :\
I have exactly the same thing now as your daughter. How did she get rid of it? I dont know what to do. Iv been to the doctor and they dont know what it is and didnt give me anything for it :/

This is caused by MILK..Which inturn can be just the reaction to whats in the milk or a staph infection from the milk..Either Way It's Milk.. Try using ORGANIC Cows Milk or a plant based milk...Coconut..Hemp..Soy (if you have no reactions).. etc... 


#Don't let them lie to you!!

I haven't had milk and very little dairy in a few weeks and I have the same problem. I did have some shrimp on monday and symptoms started Wednesday, but I would think an allergy would have started quicker.


I did go swimming Tuesday night and woke up with itchy lips and in a few days I got bumps covering my lips just like the picture. It may be dryness because I've been trying to quit drinking water after 7pm in an effort to sleep better and it is quite dry here in NM. But I have a feeling it's related to stress. I've had this several times and it even gets into my eyes sometimes, I find Claratine helps a little which is why I was thinking allergy to shrimp, but I really don't know.

I used to have this. Whatever I do; eat, drink, shower... Etc it gets itchy and sometimes if you don't treat it, it will spread and also starts to hurt. I put neosporin on it. It help moisturize it. The medication may caused itchiness but try to tell her not to scratch it or even lick it. Scratching, licking around the effected area, or even rubbing it cn caused irritations. Put it on her effective area for a week and see if anything changes. Also, if that doesn't help, I use the Chapstick call Carmax. It always work wonders to me. when my lips or around my cheek area near my lips get irritated I always put Carmax on it. It helps I promise you. 
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