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my 6yr old has allergies to pollen etc. causing SEVERELY swollen, itchy, red eyes. desperate for ideas on how to help him

Posted by mama-auntie

my 6yr old nephew has seasonal allergies to pollen and such as well as a few food allergies. Around this time of year these seasonal allergies cause him SEVERELY itchy,  puffy, swollen and red eyes.  He is given Zyrtec once a day and Benadryl every 4hrs(as suggested by his doctor), and to try and alleviate the discomfort we have tried cold wet washcloths, ice packs... basically anything cold but it really doesn't help much.  He refuses to use eye drops and throws a fit if you even try to come near him with them!  To top it off the poor kid has eczema as well which sometimes develops under his eyelids making the discomfort even worse.  Do you have any suggestions as to something else that could possible help make him more comfortable or try to prevent the symptoms altogether?  It's just so heartbreaking to see him in such agony and be powerless to do anything.
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