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My 5 year-old's pupils remain dilated in high light situations where the pupils of others present are constricted.

Posted by moongarden

I'm concerned about my 5 year-old in that his pupils remain dilated in high light situations.  He is not taking any medication.  At times he also covers his eyes and says the light hurts them.  The condition changes throughout the day but is most noticeable in the morning.  Could this be an adrenal issue?  We just discovered a milk allergy which we were unaware if until now.  He also has celiac disease and a touch of asthma.  I found a self-test on this website:  It does seem to apply.  However, there's a lot on the web linking this condition with brain problems also.  It's really pretty pronounced and I don't want to miss something.  Would appreciate any suggestions for a next step.

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