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My 21month old ulcers/blisters on his tongue/lips/mouth bleeding gums fever irritable

Posted by CCMother

My 21month old has the same thing im unsure if hes gums are bleeding but he atempted to eat dried apples (soft type) & i seen blood in his mouth???

I went to the doctor tonight & he said it could be 1 or 2 different virus some tomato virus (which i ahven't been able to find ) or the HSV - 1 oral herpes simplex virus infection

Im going to get a second opinion 2morrow as the doctor didn't take swabs or anything im quiet concerned as my sister in - law has HSV & apparenty is a carrier , I don't know enough about the virus to comment but cause her last week touching tougne  (kissing) with my son (GRRRR) & was quiet disgusted & told her NOT to do that!!! (& at the time i wasn't even thinking of herpes) Its just wrong u dont do it!!

& 3 days ago she was complaining her lips felt weird (she was winge about her lip stick??) & NOW my son as these blisters every google i do says his symptoms COULD BE THIS ??? If you have an answer

& what it could be & if so what it means ??

Thanks kindly concerned mother

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I am glad you are taking your child to the doctor for diagnosis tomorrow!  It sounds like the herpes virus. 

And you are right about it being sick that she would even think about touching tongues with your child.  You are the Mom and have the right and the responsibility to tell her "NO" then never let her alone with your child.  This behavior worries me.  

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