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my 2 year old daughter has white spots/blisters on her tongue, how can it be treated?

Posted by cshw

my 2 year old daughter has these white spots, like blisters on her tongue. she doesn't want to eat or drink anything. i took her to the hospital yesterday. the doctor said, it comes with the ear infection & the fever. they gave me antibiotics (amoxil), tylenol (for the pain) & sailinex. can anyone tell me what that is or how can it be treated (the white spots/blisters)? because i can't stand to see her in pain anymore.

 [blisters at the tip, sides and under her tongue. theres one inside the mouth (right side) too. she had a fever, but it was before the spots/blisters appeared. she didn't complain about the ears before, until they checked them at the hospital.]

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