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My 2 1/2 year old has had a low grade fever, croupy cough, & runny nose for the last few days. Is this likely a cold or somethi

Posted by gwynasmommy

Both myself & my other daughter have had a cold & cough but my youngest daughter's version includes a fever & more of a croupy cough than ours did.  Is it most likely just a cold or something more serious I should be concerned about?  Advil is taking care of the fever but the cough is keeping her up at night & she sounds like she "has a frog in her throat" when she talks.
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My 4 year old just got over the same kind of illness.  It just seems to be going around with kids right now.  At least that's what my pediatrician said.  I found a homeopathic cough and cold remedy called Hylands and it seemed to work for him.  I also put a Vicks Vaporizer in his room with the VapoSteam in it and that works great.  If you don't have the vaporizer, I would suggest getting one, I swear by it.  And just prop her bed up.  Just give her a few days, she should be ok.  If it exceeds more than 4 days, I would take her in to see her pediatrician.
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