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muscle pain in stomach

Posted by vikki81200

My son has this strange thing that happens to him after he has played football.  it doesnt happen after every time he has played a game.  and it only happens once the game has finished.  basically his top right or left stomach muscle under his ribs becomes extremely painfull and hard, you can feel them and slightly see that they are raised.  i get him to lie down and gently rub the muscle and after a few seconds it calms down and he is ok.  i have been to the doctor but they dont know what it is.  can anyone help with this? x
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This is called  Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness.

It happens due to  extreme stretching, flexing or twisting

An ice pack would help, massage has been shown to be effective.

Increase carb intake, keep hydrated, go through abdominal warm up exercises before playing

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