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Mum Mum's Blog Report: The Presence of Gluten-sensitive Enteropathy in Iron Deficient Anemia Patients; UC Berkeley Studies Find

Posted Jan 14 2009 5:11pm
The Presence of Gluten-sensitive Enteropathy in Iron Deficient Anemia Patients More commonly known as celiac disease, Gluten-sensitive Enteropathy is a genetic autoimmune disease involving intolerance to gluten. Once thought to be rare, celiac disease has become increasingly common. Mum Mums explains that celiac disease often presents as nutrient deficiencies before an accurate diagnosis is made, but a new study found that iron deficiency may actually be indicative of celiac disease. Researchers found a significant occurrence of celiac disease in persons with iron deficiency anemia (IDA). By following a gluten free diet, the IDA was alleviated and iron status improved without the use of supplementation. UC Berkeley Studies Find Longer Maternity Leave results in Fewer C-Sections and Increased Breastfeeding Maternity leave is a time for moms to recuperate and create a special bond with their babies. As the post explains, the duration of maternity leave can affect more than mother and baby bonds. Two new studies from UC Berkeley found that taking leave a few weeks before baby is due can reduce the rate of c-sections and adequate time for maternity leave can aid in the establishment of breastfeeding practices. 10 Ways to Maximize Maternity Leave It turns out maternity leave has even benefits for mothers and babies alike by helping with breastfeeding and reducing the incidence of delivering via c-section. The amount of maternity leave for some mothers may be inflexible but there are ways you can make the most of the time you have. The post provides 10 ways to maximize maternity leave including saving up vacation days and postponing notice. Being open, leaning on friends and family, and using your resources are all ways to thoroughly enjoy this special, unique time in your life.
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