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More On How to Use Food Chaining At Home: An Update on Our Little "Z" Just getting started with Food Chaining

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm
Hi All
Taja just sent me an update on how things are going with some of the suggestions I gave her in just a few emails back and forth. As you can see, she really applied what I suggested to her. Medically, Z now has a new GI and he will have an EGD, blood work, increase in reflux meds and start with constipation management via Miralax (FYI: which must be mixed in juice or water, not milk by the way). These are great interventions as all of these underlying issues can make children aversive and prevent progress in treatment. Here are excerpts from Taja's email. I loved what she had to say about her GI visit, because she followed everything and remembered that I do scheduled meals and snacks, no nibble trays as grazing dampens appetite and sets kids up to be able to say no to everything because they don't need to eat and are not hungry. I am so impressed with Taja. She listened to everything!!!! I would just like to see him do less directing mom what to do about taking food away or giving it back. I would like to see the food presented and he eats what he wants with less focus on him at meals, but I am very happy with his progress. Cheri

TAJA: "GI wants us to try this for 6 weeks to see if this helps and she is going to make sure that all possible medical reasons have been covered. She also suggest a nibble tray which she says to keep out with some of his favorite foods and always a new food. I guess this is what you would suggest also, but not all day just meals and snack time.
We did the fry night, like you suggested. I had his regular fries, tater tots and waffle fries. He ate a whole tater tot (Hooray), which I thought he would,because he likes Burger King hash browns, so we are going to start giving him them along with his fries. Then I gave him the waffle fry. He said "Mommy, I am scared." I told him that it was a fry just like the other fries. I said look it has holes, I can see you through them. Then I asked Amira, his sister if she wanted one. She said yes and she started to eat hers. I said wait Amiria we need to do the waffle fry dance and I made up some song and we sang it and wiggled around. Z then decided it's not so scary and took a bite of the waffle fry, said "I don't like it and put it back on his plate. I said that is o.k. and gave him a high five for trying it. I asked him if he wanted more tater tots or french fries, but he said he didn't want anymore.

I thought that he was still hungry and we were going to have spaghetti that night. So I made Z a divided tray of food, his normal food Cheetos puffs, quaker rice cakes and then in the other compartments; I put one string of spaghetti, cheese combos, since he likes pretzels and some bugles the last 3 are all new to him. First, thing he did was point to the spaghetti string and say" mommy. I don't like them". I said that's o.k. it is only to look at, not eat. He said "No, take it off." So I took it away. Then he pointed to the cheese combos, and said take them. I said but they are just like pretzels. Again "No take them away." Next came the bugles, same reaction, but I took them and put them on my finger and said look a hat. My mom was home with me and she said yeah just like a witch's hat. (Z likes the Wizard of OZ). Anyway, I took them away. Then he immediately asked for them. I want them he said. I gave him one and he put one on his finger and we laughed and said look you have a witch's finger. He smiled and put the bugle to his mouth,like he was going to eat it and took it away. He did this 2 times, before he took a bite, said "I don't like them" (Which surprised me, since it is salty and crunchy his favorite). Anyway I high fived for trying.

Earlier, that day my Mom was watching him and she told me that she took the Super market ads and looked through them with Z and ask him what he wanted to try. He pointed out orange sherbet ice cream, yogurt, and little mini muffins. So I stopped at the store and picked them up. Later that night. I brought out the boxes of mini muffins, I bought two different kinds. I said guess what? I have a surprise and I showed him the boxes. I saw a look of hesitation, but then Amira started jumping up and down shouting "muffins I want some!" and Z said I want some. I let him choose which kind and he picked the chocolate chip, Amira picked blueberry. I gave them each a bag. Z looked in the bag and took one out and started eating it. (We saw him once take a bite of a blueberry muffin at Sweet Tomato,but that never happened again.) So I was just thrilled to see him chomping away. I ran to tell my mom "Z is eating the muffin!" I went back to him and the muffin started to crumble in his hand. Z has a real problem with food that crumbles, when he was younger he would squeeze any food given to him and if it crumbled he refused to eat it. So he threw it down and said I don't want it. He then proceeded to look in the bag for another muffin. Two were stuck together,so he pull them away, but he didn't like the way they looked and threw them down. He looked in the bag and said happily"just one left" and pull that one out. Took a look and put it back in the bag and said "I don't want it." Anyway, he tried lots of new things that day, so that was progress. Sorry, that this e-mails so long. Just wanted to let you know what was going on.
Thanks so much,
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