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MMR studied again! No link to autism found.

Posted Sep 22 2008 5:36pm

Yes, we've heard this one before, but it's worth mentioning yet again for those who doubted all the studies that came before this one. Three separate research teams across the world set out to try to replicate the findings of a 10 year old discredited study on the combo MMR vaccine and concerns for it causing gut abnormalities found in some kids with autism.

Guess what? None of the research labs could find any evidence of that the vaccine triggered autism, and in fact, found that the children with autism they studied had intestinal problems BEFORE even getting vaccinated with the MMR shot.

This is really no surprise, given the fact that 10 of the 13 researchers who collaborated on the original study in 1998 refuted their original claims.

We think the time has come (since its been a decade now) to move on to more likely suspects and hotter leads as to the cause of autism. We're sick of talking about it, and we are even sicker about seeing children suffering from measles based on parents' vaccine fears.

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