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Mental Illness and Gun Violence

Posted Dec 16 2012 3:56pm

As I have watched the news and read the papers since the terrible loss of lives at the Sandy Hook Elementary School I have seen nothing about attacking the problem of mental illness in this country, but just ideas about how gun violence can be curbed. Yes, we must do something about that and a good place to start would be a National Gun Owner Registry and special markings on guns, so the guns can be traced.  It is hard to believe that just before this terrible tragedy in Connecticut a law was passed in Michigan making it legal to carry a concealed weapon in schools, colleges, and churches. What could the legislators possibly be thinking? Can't any of them stand up to the gun lobby and the NRA? I know there must be some intelligent thinking people in the NRA and surely they would not want to put their children and grandchildren or family members put at risk by someone with a mental illness carrying a gun.

if we go over the so-called fiscal cliff, then mental health services are going to be cut even more than they have been and school services will also be cut. Few schools these days have psychologists trained to detect at-risk kids. If they did and they also had school social workers, kids in trouble could be detected early and help given. Many lives could then be saved. A young person with mental illness, a gun and anger is a disaster waiting to happen. Parents and grandparents could make a difference if they started lobbying their legislators to provide more mental health sevices, more school social workers and psychologists. We can and must do better or we will contiue having more Sandy Hook-like tragedies.


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