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Medical Marijuana, Part 4,346,986

Posted Jul 18 2013 10:48am

Sophie and I went to the beach yesterday afternoon with a friend of mine and her daughter, a friend of Sophie's. We didn't actually go down to the water, though. We just walked a bit with our girls and then sat a bit with our girls and ate french fries with our girls. When Sophie had a small seizure, I said to my friend that maybe she was witnessing the very last seizure of Sophie's life or the beginning of a dramatic reduction in her daily seizures.

And why was I this hopeful?


Yes, the name of the high dosage CBD extract that I purchased today is called Canatonic. I don't even know how to describe the morning's proceedings, the visit to Dr. Bullwinkle, the visit to the pharmacy, the procurement of the goods, the drive back home -- the actual giving it to Sophie. I think what I'll do is show you the texts that I exchanged with a friend (I'm in blue and the friend is yellow) -- and please note the time because the speed with which I acquired a medical marijuana card made me think I was a sort of Alice going down the rabbit hole.

If you think I'm crazy, I'm here to say that despite the Alice in Wonderland reference, I've seen and been crazier during the last eighteen years. I got a tincture of high concentration CBD today for less than I paid the Canadian pharmacy in Canada for Sophie's prescription of Onfi, which was 1/8th the cost of the Onfi at my local drugstore. We're giving it a whirl. Reader, keep your fingers crossed.
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