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Medical Choices for Women and the Republicans

Posted Jun 18 2012 10:09pm

As I have listened to the Republicans in Congress and those running for office, read the newspaper, and listened to the news, I am becoming increasingly concerned about what will happen to women if the Republicans come into power. It almost appears that they want to keep women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen or home schooling the children.

Nine hundred and sixty-four bills have been introduced this last year in the U.S. to limit  women's medical choices. Seventy-five bills have passed at least one chamber. One bill was  introduced that would make it legal to kill a physician who performs abortions. Women should have the right to decide if and when they want children. I have seen far too many unwanted chidlren and children born to mothers who knew they were carriers of fatal diseases. In almost every case, the partner or husband insisted the women go ahead and have children and yet left once the diagnosis of a disability was made. In one study, eighty-five percent of fathers left when a child was born with a disability. I have seen chikdlren with disabilities, who were abused and the mothers have major breakdowns or psychological problems after having a child with a lethal or severe disability.  No man would ever allow a women to make his medical decisions for him, so how do they think they can decide womens' medical choice? I hope women will realize what will happen if we allow the Tea Party members and their representatives in Congress, as well as Mr. Romney, to win.

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