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Medical Care and the Republicans

Posted Oct 08 2013 11:34pm

I do not understand why the Republicans in Congress, who say they are Christians, want to shut down the governent in their battle to get rid of the Affordable Health Care Act to keep millions of uninsured, poor people from having health care. Those in Congress continue to be paid, get excellent health care, and many other benefits. How can they be so cruel? How can John Boehner look at himself in the mirror knowing he could end the shutdown immediately if he would have the courage to stand up to the selfish Tea party members and put a bill to a vote?  Apparently he cares more his own job rather than the country.

The Affordable  Health Care Act is already helping many with pre-exisitng conditions, those with massive hospital and insurance bills and those who would have their insurance taken away when their medical costs were too high. Now the insurance companies can not put a cap on medical expenses and must put eighty percent of their earnings into patient care. Previously the administrative costs  have been far over thirty percent.

Unfortunately, the highly conservative Supreme Court has allowed the states to  refuse the Medicaid expansion if they chose. This leaves thousands without the ability to buy insurance on the exchanges and makes the hospitals in their states lose money because sick and injured poor people will have to use their emergency rooms for which the hospitals will not be paid. The governors should be recalled if they  will not accept the Medicaid expansion.

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