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Mean Girls & Bullying

Posted Jan 17 2010 4:55am
Not until this evening did this thought ever cross my mind.
Well, it didn't just "cross" my mind; it was placed there.
But now it is there, and it doesn't appear to be going away any time soon.
Well, a fellow Mom that I have known from back in my grade school days who happens to be one of my Facebook friends just had this come up with her two young girls (grade school aged) and is troubled by it.
And she should be.
Then it got me thinking about my own children.
How will they handle mean girls and bullying?
How will I handle it?
My boy, Andrew, should be fine.
I don't worry too much about him as I can tell at this early age of his that he will be able to fend for himself.
Although he is on the quiet side in his little school that he is enrolled now, he has already made it clear to a few of his classmates that he doesn't want to be messed with, nor does he want his "possessions" messed with either.
Kaitlyn, on the other hand, will be my worry.
Not just because she is my special-needs girl.
She is just so passive, so loving, so in-your-face that I think this will be her biggest downfall.
She has already used her charm to win the hearts of several other little girls in the general ed Kindergarten class.
A couple of them even fought over Kaitlyn.
While I find that to be heart warming, it also concerns me that future so-called "mean girls" out there could one day take advantage of her good qualities someday.
And Kate will just go with the flow.
She has always been a follower and a watcher.
I know that she is only 6 and that she has so much growing and maturing to do.
But now that a Facebook friend has brought it up, it is out there.
And it doesn't look like its going away anytime soon.

How did you handle this issue?
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