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Matchmaker, matchmaker...

Posted Apr 21 2010 6:23pm
Edited to add: So I guess Sam and Stephanie are a real life couple! Opps! Oh well, I still think he'd look cute with Sunshine!

I have a bad habit of trying to make couples out of people I don't know. Okay, okay, so I do it with people I do know as well. Reality TV is my weakness though...there are just too many single people who would make cute couples!

I've always watched Biggest Loser and I really think this has been the best season yet. The players seem to get it more...they aren't just about playing the game, but they act more like a family which I really like.

And personally, I think Sam...

and Sunshine would be SO CUTE together. (And on a side note, after last night's episode especially, I really want to give O'Neal a hug. I just love him!! He had Chris and I both crying!).
And I also think Daris...
and Stephanie would be cute. He is so quiet and shy and I think she could bring out more of his personality.
I think it's sort of funny that Biggest Loser has a better track record for couples than The Bachelor, don't you?
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