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Lower Back Pain Tops List Of Reasons Why People Seek Medical Attention – Part 2

Posted Aug 03 2013 7:00pm

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

doctor Some easy steps to protecting yourself at work or home include keeping wrists straight when working at a keyboard, using your whole hand to grab objects, minimizing repetitive activites and giving your hands frequent rests to recover from repetitive exertions.

Taking time for brief stretches is vital to improving blood flow and giving the body breaks.

These stretches can be as simple as wrist extensions and flexions. This is where the wrist is held at shoulder level and using the other hand the wrist is first gently held up for a few seconds for five times and then held down for a few seconds, again for five times.

Shoulder shrugs, in which the shoulders are gently shrugged upward, are also important, as well as shoulder rolls.

Another stretch is the trunk extension in which you place the hands on the small of your back and slowly bend backwards, holding for three seconds before relaxing. This stretch can be repeated. Other stretches highlighted by Abbott included stretching your arms over your head and looking right and then left.

Daknis asked Abbott how often stretching breaks should occur.

“Frequently,” Abbott said. “Anything you can do on the hour is going to benefit you.”

Abbott also reviewed the workspaces for Daknis and Gorse. Pencils, the phone and other things frequently used should be in easy reach, Abbott said. Having the phone a long reach away is problematic.

Simulating the strain of a long reach, Abbott pointed out that “every time you reach for the phone, that’s what you’re doing.”

Even the use of a mouse was subject to Abbott’s scrutiny.

“You don’t have to sit there and hold onto it,” Abbott said. “Even though we call it a mouse, it’s dead.”

Daknis’ desk is set up so that she’s looking to her right to see her computer monitor.

Abbott didn’t like that. It’s easier on the body for the computer screen to be in front of you at eye level.

“What we’ve really got to eliminate is your neck rotation,” Abbott said.

The office chair is another potential strain on the body. The chair used by Daknis has long arms and doesn’t allow her to scoot close to her desk.

“You have to have one where your back is supported,” Abbott said. “You let the chair work for you.”

Something to remember for chairs is the simpler is better, she said. It doesn’t need to have a lot of gadgets to it.

“The biggest thing is size to you and size to space,” Abbott said.

For workers engaged in physical activities, proper lifting techniques that simulate Olympic weightlifters who use their legs and keep their trunks in neutral positions are a key to healthy backs, MacMasters said. And know your limits of weight you can lift, whether at work or home.

“There’s a lot of people who can’t pick up an 80-lb. bag of sand,” MacMasters said. “They shouldn’t be doing it.”

For MacMasters, there’s one important ingredient in healthy backs.

“If you do have a back issue,” he said, “exercise is the key.”

- Courtesy of PRWeb

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