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Love and Roosters?

Posted Feb 26 2014 8:25pm
I often write about Alex not being able to play independently and that sometimes the most frustrating thing is not knowing what she knows.    This afternoon she and I were playing and she kept trying to pull the lever on her favorite toy - the See N Say - she loves, loves, loves the rooster sound.  The difference today was that she was really trying to do it all by herself and she actually did it twice....for her that was huge.  There are two commands Alex knows - why only 2, I have no idea and I wish I knew what was the key to getting her to understand those 2 - I really wish I did so we could turn 2 into 200!  She will give me five and she will 'give me love'.  I think I've been a little preoccupied with my disappointment in her physical therapy that I've lost sight of the fact that she is constantly working on so many areas at the same time that sometimes I just have to stop focusing on what I want her to do and focus on what she's actually doing.

Here's me getting my love, lots of love and her getting her rooster!

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