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Location, location, location

Posted Mar 24 2009 3:17pm

Is your high school student allowed to go out for lunch?  A new study in California is stating how many students are leaving their school campus and getting lunch or snacks at local fast food chains.

ABC-TV ( link ) in California stated, “Lunchtime at North Hollywood High School gives some students time to dash off campus for a bite to eat. They don’t have to go far. Across the street there’s everything from burgers, fries, burritos and even dessert. However, a new study reports fast food within earshot of high schools is going straight to student waistlines.”

This is becoming a major contributor to obese students in this area of California.  “According to the new study, mainly focused on students in California high schools, researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and Columbia University found that fast-food restaurants within walking distance — 530 feet or less from a high school — resulted in a 5.2 percent increase in the incidents of student obesity, compared to the average for California teens.”

Many of the students do not like eating in the school, as the state their are too many obstacles.  So, they go off campus to eat, as they feel this is better than not eating at all.  Many of the children don’t want to bag their lunches, so they are just eating the wrong foods.

What is your opinion?

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