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Living It Up Before Weight Loss Surgery

Posted Feb 05 2013 9:53pm

By Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki

bellymeasurementsmall Over the past few years, I have doctored a few patients who have regained weight after weight loss surgery. Many patients wrongly trust that the surgery is the way out of obesity and all their other problems. Most go on eating binges trying to get their fill of foods they may not be able to eat for a while. They fail to realize that obesity is a complex and multi-factorial medical problem.

The underlying causes of the disease including depression, hypothyroidism, eating disorders etc. need to be “diagnosed” and treated. A patient who lives it up before surgery is not helping themselves. Weight gain can easily occur by eating or drinking processed foods like soda (both diet and regular), milk shakes, energy drinks, protein bars and even frequent small meals.

Bariatric surgery is not without its own danger. Any major operative procedure always has the risk of death and other complications including adverse reactions and infection.

For bariatric surgery, other possible complications include mineral and vitamin deficiencies and mal-absorption.

For bariatric surgery, other possible complications include mineral and vitamin deficiencies and mal-absorption. Specifically, complications of gastric bypass may include leakage, bleeding, ulceration and narrowing of the stoma (opening). Complications of laparoscopic gastric banding (lap band) may include slippage, twisting, infection and disconnection of the band.

My advice to anyone considering weight loss surgery is to learn to eat right first and alter their lifestyle. Without this, it may be difficult to sustain any weight lost with the procedure. Moreover, lifestyle modification will save some money and a lifetime of complications. If you learn to eat right, there is no reason to live it up before weight loss surgery.

- Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki, M.D., is a Bariatrician, Author, & Medical Director of Great Heights Family Medicine in Calumet City and Ottawa, IL and co-founder of Practical Health Technology Solutions and Practical Weight Management Program

Copyright 2012 Adeyemi Fatoki, MD. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission.

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