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Little Lovies

Posted Oct 28 2007 12:00am
Both of the boys have lovies that they hug on while they're sleeping. We made sure to have two of each lovey, just in case one was ever in the wash or something. Well, Gavin discovered that there were two of his a long time ago and requires both of them now.
Gavin's doggies looked identical to us for a very long time. One day, however, Gavin started referring to one as "Baby Doggie" and the other as "Daddy Doggie." Lo and behold, there were a few significant differences, as "Daddy Doggie" has a larger head and some obviously larger facial features. Gavin takes excellent care of these doggies, as if they were his own children. He pretends to feed them. He changed their diapers for a long time (yes, even "Daddy Doggie" needed diapers). Yesterday, however, he potty trained them. They're now wearing big boy underwear. (If only Gavin were so easy to potty train!) When it's cold, he puts them in extra sets of his own pajamas. After we tuck Gavin in at night, he reviews the day with the doggies. And, most sweetly, Gavin reads to them before he falls asleep.

Garrett has Mr. Bear. His face lights up when he sees his bear and they snuggle all night long. We'll have to see if he gets as attached to Mr. Bear as Gavin has to his doggies.
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