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Like A Dream Come True

Posted Nov 18 2012 11:37pm
My mom told us recently that her city was having a recycling day. Part of the festivities included a recycling truck that you could climb up in and actually work a little. We knew that both boys would enjoy that, but that for Gavin it would be a dream come true. (He's loved garbage and recycling trucks since he was two years old for those of you that are just tuning in.)  He has sat in a couple of trucks before, but never operated one.

 Garrett climbed up into the cab first.  They let the kids work the grapple arm with a fancy joystick and watch it dump into the hopper on a little TV screen.  

Yeah...I know all the truck lingo.  Don't be jealous!  It's a requirement for raising Gavin.  ;)    Garrett's can going up.     "I pledge allegiance to the recycling truck." (or so it appears...such reverence!)
   "Did you all just see what I did?!?!" 
Gavin was so excited to climb up into the cab for his turn.
 Listening intently to the directions on how to work this thing.
Here we go!
"What?  You want to see me do that again?  Okay, why not!"(Good thing there wasn't a line.  Gavin did this over and over for awhile.) An excited smile with his new favorite person.
All smiles from inside the cab.  Looks like a natural, doesn't he?  ;)  
I remember the day Gavin fell in love with garbage trucks.  He was two years old.  We were out in the driveway, about to get in the van to go somewhere.  The garbage truck drove up and stopped to pick up our neighbor's can.  Gavin paused behind the van to watch the truck work its magic.  The driver's window was rolled down.  He paused when he saw Gavin watching him, waved to him and said, "Hiya, buddy!"  Gavin was in awe.  And he's been in love with those trucks ever since.  
Here are a couple of pictures of Gavin sitting in a garbage truck for the first time, right before he turned 3.  
 So small.

Still just as curious about how those things work.
Those pictures were taken about 5 months before Gavin was diagnosed with cancer.  So much has changed since that day.  But Gavin's love of garbage and recycling trucks remains.  Perhaps it's the constant of it that he's loved so much.  A little like that Baby Doggie that he still loves to sleep with.  
Much love,
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