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Large lump on 6 yo sons neck

Posted Oct 21 2009 7:25pm

2 nights ago my 6 yo son got out of bed in the middle of the night. he ran into the corner of his door and claims to have hit the side of his head right above his ear.  He screamed like he had never screamed before...

The next day we discovered a large (golf ball sized) lump on his neck below his ear (same side of his head that he hit).  It is extremely tender and painful to touch.  Even a light touch brings tears to his eyes.

 I have taken him to the ER and they think he has a throat infection and that the appearance of the lump after the head injury is merely a coinsidence.  I am having a hard time beliving this because he really doesn't have throat infection symptoms. 

They have put him on antibiotics.

 Does anyone have any advice on such an issue and do you think I should seek a second opinion?


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