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Posted Jul 19 2012 12:00am

Looking for something for you and your children to do together? Check out Time Warner Cable's KidsFest!  The event is scheduled for this evening, Thursday, July 19 from 2pm-8pm at Riverbend Park.  The event is full of educational and fun activities for your child to enjoy.  Best of all, the event is free!

KidsFest is going to have sports activities, arts and crafts, and snacks. Some of these activities are sure to spark an interest in sports in your child.  Take this opportunity to talk to your child about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  This includes eating healthy and taking care of your body during sport's activities, including your feet! Here are some foot care tips to share with your child....

1.  Always make sure feet are clean and dry them thoroughly.  If feet sweat a lot, powder feet and change socks during the day.

2.  Trim toenails straight across.  This will help prevent ingrown toenails from occurring or recurring.
3.  Wear the proper shoes for your sport.  If your child is playing soccer, they should not be wearing a shoe made for playing tennis.
4.  Make sure your shoes fit!  Measure feet every time you shop (especially in children as their feet grow quickly) and try shoes on.  The shoe size is more of a guideline than a rule.
5. Don't walk barefoot in public places, like the pool or locker room, to avoid getting fungal infections. 
6. Don't ignore foot pain.  Foot pain is not normal!  If your child is experiencing foot pain he or she should see a podiatrist. 

If this conversation with your child leads to a confession of foot pain, don't hesitate to contact our office. Call us at 419-423-1888 or visit a website to set up an appointment.

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