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Kids: "Builders" or "Destroyers"

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:11pm

Do you recognize if you are raising your kid(s) to be our future "builders" or "destroyers"?  Kids give off clues what they are developing into by their actions, opinions and their thoughts - is anyone really listening?  I don't mean just the parents - how about you grandparents, aunts, uncles, clergy and teachers - are you listening for the clues?

In the movie "South Pacific" there is a song titled "You've Got To Be Taught". Kids are taught (or not taught) to be a builder or a destroyer.  I do not mean that we adults set out to teach our kids the "builder/destroyer" concept.  It happens when their "normal" behavior methods (and all kids have them) of getting angry, yelling, being a bully, saying cruel things to each other and their parents, etc.  It happens when their "normal" behavior methods, that the kids learn so well to use are performaned and we adults say, "Oh, it's their age - they will outgrow it."

Most of the kids do "outgrow" it; however, only after it has been point out to them that this is unacceptable behavior.  If it is not corrected when they start performing thse "normal" behavior methods, chances are they will never outgrow them and could grow up to be a  "destroyer" instead of a builder" - and you did hear me say "could"?  Kids are too unpredictable and could figure out on their own, after a while, what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

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