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Kids Having A Bad Day

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:11pm

American Idol contestant Danial Powter wrote and sang a popular song titled "So You Are Having a Bad Day".  As adults we know perfectly well what having a bad day is and we have developed ways of dragging us out of that hopeless feeling.  How about Kids?"  

This particular song was playing over the radio in the car and I noticed a kid was tearing up.  "What's going on?" I asked.  He said, "every time I hear that song it makes me cry".  This kid went through a terrible year of being bullied excessively in the 2nd grade at school by the other boys and he had experienced many bad days.  How he kept going I will never understand.  How do kids drag themselves out of that hopeless feeling? 

The boy was quizzed further:  "Who can help you get out of a bad day?"  He said "NO ONE!"   "How do you pull yourself out of having a bad day?"  He said "I CAN'T!".

My last question was: "So what do you do and what can help you make a bad day a good day?"  He said....." Boy_dog_100418_tns

"Only a dog can make me have a good day and to make a bad day go away.  A dog is always happy to see me, he jumps on me, he plays with me and he kisses me - he makes me feel good and he makes me laugh - always?"  My final question:  "Why can't adults make you feel this way and make your bad day go away?"  He said, "because God gave a dog a different heart and brain than an adult has and he loves me so matter what happens!" 

Don't ever underestimate the difference a pet can make in the life of a child!.  Give your kid a good day and make sure the kid has a pet that make a bad day go to a good day.

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