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Keeping Children Safe from Accidents

Posted Dec 30 2010 8:57pm

Most children are so active that it takes a lot of concern and careful watching to prevent accidents from happening. Accidents outside the home seem to receive the most attention while household accidents can be quite serious. I was concerned about an article in today's New York Times Home section about the parents who took their child to a neighbor's Christmas party and the child sustained a cut when falling against a glass coffee table. This seemed to be an adult party, so I wonder why the child was even there? I have been amazed that many parents these days can't seem to be separated from their children at all. Yes, finding a good baby sitter can be difficult but with some networking, trading child care, or using a reputable agency, a good baby-sitter can be found. Little children do not belong at adult parties, particularly when there is alcohol or smoking. It is too easy for them to slip away and get into real danger or hurt themselves.

An excellent article by Michael Tortorello also in today's New York Times discusses the many causes of accidents in kids that ER doctors have to treat. 14,000 children were seen in ERs last year from injuries when a TV fell on them. Heavy bookcases and dressers can also fall on kids and cause crush injuries or concussions. I do not understand why a gate on a child's room or a playroom is now longer used by most parents. Even a playpen for little children seems a thing of the past. Gates across doors and playpens do not retard a child's development but can often make the difference in a child not ending up in an ER with a serious injury. I have two very successful and creative adult children and couldn't have survived without both a playpen and a gate across the door of the child's playroom when they were little.  


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