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Just one of those phases I hope...

Posted Feb 17 2010 11:20am

Ashley's been having one of those I'm not so hungry phases and it's hard to watch. She has these from times to time and at 22 pounds (which is a good weight for her) it's hard on Mommy. I want her to eat so bad. When she's not interested in eating I'm lucky if she eats two bites sometimes.  I usually resort to making many different meals hoping I find something that she may be interested in.  She usually cries a bit at meal times on these days and Mommy wants to do that to.   I try letting her watch Treehouse and hopefully sneak in a bite or two when she is distracted however by bite number three the tears come out and I have to stop.  This morning she had toast with honey she only ate  about 1/4 of a slice  followed by 6 oz milk with carnation instant breakfast.  She can usually polish off a whole slice of peanut butter toast.  At snack she ate 6 mini oreos and a slice or two of banana with 4 oz milk.  She stayed for pizza at school, but she didn't eat anything. I came home and made her another lunch yummy pasta with cream sauce, also heated some brown beans with no luck.  Going to g-tube feed her now.. i hate resorting to the g-tube meal as it's a slippery slope.  That instant breakfast may have killed her appetite for lunch and snack.   I hope she is hungry for dinner.  I'm not sure the pot roast I'm sticking in the oven now will appeal to her. Anyone have any suggestions for yummy meals Ashley might be interested in she loves anything sweet so I'll probably resort to blueberry pancakes if she doesn't take to the roasted carrots and beef tonight.
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