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Just my thoughts on thoughts

Posted Jul 12 2007 12:00am

I sit here, thinking, what to write, knowing full well nothing is going to make sence, and in the end ill probly wind up deleteing it. I find the best way to straighten my mind out, is to write it down. Only, it doesnt come that easy to me, getting my mind out, in words, proves to be very difficlut at times. Have you ever thought about how you think? When your thinking about something, its not like your thinking with words, your thinking, about things, without words, and in order to understand them, or to get them out, you have to translate those thoughts into words. well, for me, its hard, very hard, but ive found that if I can get those thoughts OUT, and PUT into words, then my mind is back to its empty self, bothering no one. I originaly started writting in a notebook, or a spare piece of paper, writting down jumbled thoughts, trying to make sence of them, putting them into words the best I could, then looking and trying to understand the words I just wrote. Soon though, my mind went to fast for my hands, and I started writting words that were mixed up, id leave out letters and add other ones and start other words before the last ones were even finished, Ive always had that problem, so typing instead of writting has served its purpose, however, on occasion, my mind looses its train of thought because of being distracted with a keyboard. Tonight, my mind is fairly empty. Empty meaning, all the thoughts are put up and away, safely tuck in boxes and put back on the shelf for further examining. The isles are swept and theres only a few stray thoughts floating around, ones I cant quite seem to grasp, ones I cant understand, thus they float around untill making enough sence for me to understand, and then put into words for the whole word to see. My point being, I have no point. My mind is faitly empty at the moment, and will remain that way untill one thought jumps out of its box and runs around awaking all other thoughts, making it virtually impossible for me to focus untill I get my thoughts in order. Its a rare moment for me to have no thoughts, Its not like my mind is completely empty, and at the moment there are a few thoughts trying to escape there captivity in the boxes. I promise ill be back, I cant promise when, I cant promise how long ill be gone,(probly no longer than 5 min)I can promise ill be back, but cant promise how ‘deep’ my thoughts will be, or that they will even make sence, i can promise that they will be dismembered, and wont make sence.

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